U Values

U value is a measure of the overall ability of buildings to prevent heat loss (The lower U value the better). U value combines the individual thermal performance (K value) of all material parts in a roof / wall / floor and all factors which determine heat transfer from interior through walls and roof to outside air.

Timber has a very low U value, which means that buildings made of solid logs and wood allow very little heat to escape through their structure. Our log cabins, Log homes and timber frame modular houses have a very high thermal efficiency. Hence lower heating bills.

In the UK, Building Regulations stipulate the maximum permissible U value for every type of building. Log Home Scotland’s houses are well within those limits and are on average 35% more thermally efficient than UK standards.

There are many types of insulation materials that can be used in our log cabins and Timber Frame houses, from man-made products to natural insulation such as recycled paper pulp and sheep’s wool. We often use grade 1 Rockwool insulation, applied as thick as the structure and budget will allow. It is a cost effective heat insulator as well as sound absorber.

The drawing opposite is just one example of above options with the least Rockwool insulation that we use and corresponding U values. Whenever possible, Log Home Scotland endeavours to improve on these U values.

We aim to provide super insulated log homes and timber frame houses with best possible U Values and zero Carbon footprint.

U Values