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Log Cabins

Log Home Scotland designs and constructs quality log homes, log cabins, timber frame modular houses and mobile homes. These are eco-friendly and affordable homes which will last for generations to come. At present, we have log home installations in 22 countries worldwide.

We are committed to the provision of affordable and sustainable housing. Our passion for log homes coupled with our environmental ethos is a hallmark of our trade. We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship built in to each of our log homes.

We work closely with you to any specification including your own design. Our rapid and cost effective construction method lends itself to many variations of traditional or contemporary design in rural or urban settings. Together we can make your dream home come true.

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Log Cabins Design
Log Cabins for Year - Round Living
Log Cabins for self build
Log Cabins as Timber Frame Modular Homes
Log Cabins as Mobile Homes

Log Cabins Design

Our log cabins package offers a free consultation process and flexible construction method, enabling you you to create the home you want to live in, tailored to your needs and preferences - which need not cost the earth.

We can assist you in creating a design of your choice at no extra expense, as well as providing you with dozens of log cabins floor plans to choose from, all of which can be modified to meet your exact requirements.

Our solid log homes, log cabins and timber frame modular houses represent excellent value for money. For a more complete description of how we can help you create the home of your dreams visit the Design Your Own page.

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Log Cabins for Year-Round Living

Our log cabins and log homes are made from hand crafted and machine milled, kiln dried solid logs.

The ancient craft of solid log construction is the core of our business. Perfected over time and coupled with the latest technology, it is simple yet cost effective. Homes can be built rapidly to any specification.

The raw materials for our log cabins and log homes are solid logs, measuring from 118mm to 330mm thick, as well as Gluelam laminated timber, milled from slow-grown pine and spruce, to square and oval Log Profiles.

Log Homes, log cabins and timber frame modular houses from Log Home Scotland are designed and built to Scandinavian standards and levels of comfort for all year round living. As such, they are far more thermally efficient than current conventional UK house construction and meet higher specifications than the basic minimum required by the UK Building Controls Regulations.

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Log Cabins for Self Build

Log cabins, log homes and in particular timber frame prefabricated modular houses from Log home Scotland are ideally suited for self build projects.

To all self builders of log cabins, we offer the option of having our on-site master craftsman work alongside and assist your own crew.

Our master craftsman's skill and experience ensures a correct installation and faster construction. It is less costly than having our full team on site, Yet it ensures that your log cabin will be wind and water-tight quickly and efficiently.

Self build log cabin kits from Log Home Scotland produce high quality, affordable homes, made of natural materials. They comply fully with UK Building regulations, are well insulated, easily maintained and include some of the best fixtures and fittings in Western Europe. These include: triple glazed windows and doors, flooring, stairs, effective sound insulation for inner walls, Velux roof lights and much more.

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Log Cabins as Timber Frame Modular Homes

In just a matter of days our timber frame Modular Homes are erected to wind and water tight standards.

Our timber frame houses, designed and prefabricated to your specifications, are built in our factory under strict quality controls.

They are made from Gluelam and post- and- beam combined with superior timber frame sections (already insulated) of up to 6 meters each. Once delivered to site they and erected on your foundations within a matter of days. This includes inner walls, triple glazed doors, windows, floors, roof cover, down pipes, guttering, exterior clad finish, preservatives and much more.

Log Home Scotland timber frame houses and modular homes can also be constructed in log cabin style with exterior fascia from a variety of log profiles. Our timber frame log cabin designs vary from contemporary and individual to traditional.

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Log Cabins as Mobile Homes

Our log cabins can be designed and constructed for use as mobile homes. They comply with The Caravan Sites Act 1968. (Section 29 : The Caravan Act for Mobile Homes). The Size of mobile homes can now extend up to 6.8m wide by 18.28m long.

For example: Log Home 67 is a prefabricated modular home. Its on site construction schedule to the wind and water tight stage is 5 to 6 days, excluding internal finishing. It is a timber frame house of 83 m2 comprising of 2 double bedrooms with open plan living room / kitchen.

Our log cabins are supplied in kit form for self build or company build, to any size design up to a height of 2 storeys. We can manage your project from initial conception through all stages of construction, including liaison with you after trade to ensure smooth and speedy completion.

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