Log Profiles

Our log homes and Eco houses are made of solid logs. This slow growing, ring-dense Scandinavian pine is known world wide for its strength, durability and superior natural thermal insulation, as excellent raw material for log buildings.
We offer two types of log profiles – square logs and Oval logs

  • Round logs (Oval):
    • 150 mm (height 134mm)
    • 175 mm (height 150mm)
    • 195 mm (height 176mm)
  • Square logs:
    • 92 mm (height 160mm)
    • 118 mm (height 180mm)
    • 142 mm (height 180mm)
    • 165 mm (height 180mm)
    • 200 to 230mm(Hand peeled/hand crafted)

Laminated square logs:
Single and twin-log wall construction+ 150mm insulation cavity
165 mm
134 mm
113 mm/ And twin-log (2X113mm) > 376mm thick log wall
92 mm/ And twin-log (2X92mm)* > 334mm thick log wall *
88 mm/ And twin-log (2X88mm) > 326mm thick log wall

* Not laminated

Our logs are kiln-dried to 20% (+/- 2%) humidity. This increases structural stability and enables occupancy immediately after construction. All logs are already treated to protect the timber from insects, woos pests and mould.

The Eco house twin-log wall construction from double layer laminated logs with 150mm insulation cavity in between logs enables us to construct up to 376mm thick log walls. Hence minimising the use of raw materials and reduce construction time on site to just days.

Log Profiles