Log Cabin Maintenance

Log cabins and log homes are inherently low-maintenance structures. Traditionally they have been built by the people who then lived in them – hard-working farmers and trappers, using only materials found in the woods of Northern Europe. These log cabin homes, although simple, will last for generations with only a small amount of maintenance.

Before wood can rot or decay, heat, water and air must also be present, exclude any single ingredient, then decay cannot proceed. Usually the easiest to control is water – moisture.

Log Cabins have over-hanging rooves to help keep the walls dry. Outside exposed log surfaces have to be treated with a breathable wood preserver every 3 to 7 years depending on type of treatment and exposure to sun. Log Home Scotland provides eco friendly water based preservatives with every log house, sufficient for 2 coats and guaranteed for 7 years.

Any solid log structure is subject to “settling” in the first 2 years after construction, whereby the logs shrink. FAQs  “Log Settlement” is naturally occurring phenomena, it is anticipated and well provisioned for by way of design, manufacturing, construction method and on going correction (maintenance).  The following regulating works are critical to structure:

  • Vertical pillars have to be lowered by using regulating bolts until the log wall leaning on pillars is horizontally leveled.
  • The logs which are on brick walls have to be lowered by using regulating bolts until the log wall is horizontally leveled.
  • Screw-bars in the log walls have to be tight at all times and periodically tightened further, but not excessively to avoid breakage.

Above regulating works have to be carried out in following order:

  • First month after construction of log house – once a week
  • Second month – every second week
  • Third month onwards – when required.

IMPORTANT: Vertical supporting load bearing log walls have to be horizontally leveled and screw-bars tight at all times.

Regulating of doors and windows is necessary, whereby settling may affect some doors and windows to become stiff to open / close or even impossible to function altogether. Log Home Scotland supply regulating wrench along with our triple glazed doors and windows to be used / adjust regulating bolts on doors/windows. If you do not feel confident enough to carry out these corrections, Log Home Scotland will do it for you.

Log Cabin Maintenance